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There are many good reasons people take up running; it is enjoyable, easy to start and inexpensive. It is an excellent exercise to help you lose fat and achieve optimal health and fitness. However once you've bought a good pair of running shoes based on your shoe size and foot strike the next decision is what the best running surface to train on is.

The surface we run on is important, as not only can it cause injuries like a twisted ankle, it also affects the impact our running has on our body. The best surface is a smooth surface. Try to avoid roads with a steep camber to them as these can throw your foot plant off balance causing possible injuries and sore muscles. Sometimes it's not possible to avoid a road with a steep camber (like during a race) but then choose the part of the road with the least camber. Many runners simply run like sheep - following the person in front of them. Switch sides of the road and you might find the camber less steep and so avoid an injury.

Where possible choose tarmac over concrete, because concrete is harder. Pavements are often a safer bet from traffic, however if they are concrete the hardness can cause shin splints and other aches and pains common to the beginner. Also pavements often force you to run up and down the edges, which break your rhythm.

A good idea is to scout a selection of jogging routes in your area with optimal surfaces ranging from 3 to 5km depending on the mileage you wish to cover. Gradually you will scout longer routes when you start training for a half or full marathon. Remember to always keep the running surface in mind when selecting your training routes. This will help you to keep injury free and allow you to enjoy a variety of different routes keeping your running interesting and enjoyable.

Source:Nicola Blewett

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